About - Vollink Photography & Design

Tim Vollink of Vollink Photography and Design is a professional photographer and graphic designer in the Cape Girardeau community. Most of his work combines high quality photography with advanced Photoshop manipulation to create beautifully colored and dynamic images that entrance the viewer. The clear, sharp colors and thoughtfully executed compositions evoke both a sense of curiosity and an innocent appreciation of the world around us. The photos he captures and manipulates take on a dramatic and almost surreal quality that have me wishing the world were always as bright and colorful as in his art. Tim’s compositions are very dynamic, yet somehow maintain a level of peacefulness that I think is often hard to find in many other photographers’ work. When viewing his nature photos, I feel like I am almost intruding on an intimate moment happening between animals and their environment. This personal connection I feel with the subject, emphasized by the dynamic composition, is an impressive quality that other photographers struggle with. As far as Tim’s graphic design work, I am impressed with the diversity in his portfolio. He designed a variety of logos and promotional materials including brochures, flyers, competitive biking apparel, and magazine covers. His logos range from illustrative and detailed to more basic and straightforward designs. This is the mark of a good designer because it shows that Tim has the ability to design for many different types of clients and can adapt to their wants and needs.

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